Waterfall Drowned my Company: a Story of Queer and DevOps (or the Lack Thereof)

Once upon a time, there was a company that embraced Agilism and DevOps to the bone. But then one day, anti-patterns started popping up like mushrooms. Suddenly, there was a 2-year long waterfall process going on, delivery was stopped and a once flourishing company was one step closer to bankruptcy.

How could this happen? Wasn’t waterfall a thing of the past? How is this all related to Queer Theories and toxic masculinity patterns?

Using this story as a study case, we will review why the DevOps culture not only grants better delivery, but also happier teams, better grounds for diversity, and less anxious alpha males.



Fran Rodríguez Prados


Ente no binario que actualmente hace algo parecido a MLOps. Me encargo de recordar a mis compis que somos sentimientos y tenemos seres humanos. Funciona medio bien.