Joseph Katsioloudes

Joseph Katsioloudes and his team at the GitHub Security Lab work at the forefront of Open Source Security that they shape every day through research and education. Joseph chose this career path because from a very young age, security was his own way to provide ethical and dedicated service to organisations and the society as a whole. He holds two engineering degrees, a Bachelors of Engineering in Computing from Imperial College London and a Masters in Cyber Security Engineering from the University of Warwick.

His most recent contributions include video content made specifically for software developers interested in growing their security skillset, where he offers tips and simplifies security. Previous highlights include a combined of 20 talks and workshops in 2022 as a first-time speaker, a zero-day vulnerability for a Top 10 Cryptocurrency in 2018 as part of his university Thesis and open-source contributions to OSINT & Blockchain.

Joseph Katsioloudes at Cáceres 2023