Finding Opportunity in the Chaos: How Production Incidents Can Help Engineers (and Leaders) Grow Their Career.

Production Incidents are scary, stressful and extremely rewarding. If you ask engineers or leaders that have frequently been involved with Production Incidents what they are looking for the most in their day to day work, Production Incidents is probably not their answer.

This talk will change your perspective on that. Besides the unexpected opportunity to learn your systems and applications, Production Incidents highlight some of the most important social and soft skills you or your engineers will need to succeed in their career. I have managed Reliability, Resiliency and Observability teams for the last 7 years, and act as Incident Commander in many Production Incidents at my organization, which were the real game changer for me to grow both professionally and as a person. By the end of this talk, you’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for production incidents and a desire to seek them out as opportunities to shine within your organization. Don’t miss this chance to learn how to turn chaos into opportunity.



Ana Lebron

Ana is the leader of the Site Reliability, Resiliency and Observability Engineering teams at Enova International (fintech company in Chicago). She has been in the technology industry for the last 15 ...