Automating Away SRE Toil

SREs and CloudOps professionals spend as much as 55% of their time on Application Support and Operations. Spending a majority of your time playing “catch up” is a prime cause of burn out, and it means that new operational work isn’t being completed. What if we could automate away the Support and Operational toil that your SREs are facing?

In this workshop, we’ll look at an Open Source Platform from unSkript that is built on top of Jupyter Notebooks. It has hundreds of pre-built Actions and Connectors that let you quickly interface with your Cloud infrastructure and build automated RunBooks. These RunBooks are shared amongst the team, and can be automated to run health checks, autoremediations, data collection and more.Come learn some of the basics of RunBook automation, and begin the process of automating your common operational tasks.



Doug Sillars


Doug is a lifelong learner and educator, having focused his career on improving developer knowledge and experiences. A Google Developer Expert, O’Reilly author, international keynote speaker,