Digital for Dairy! Arla's journey to DevOps for tailor made IT

Arla wants to lead the digital journey for dairy. That means innovation at speed without compromising on quality, security and safety - and that’s not easily accomplished. We’ve had to look at how we have historically built IT and explore new ways of working to safely enable creative minds and innovation without drowning in bureaucracy. We have a past shaped almost entirely by packaged software practices that we’ve had to shake up something hard. We’re still in process, but here’s our thinking:

  • We need to separate the home built creative development work from the ultra-stable traditional development work, thankfully, we can stand on the shoulders of existing industrial expertise.
  • Executing it will take quite some work. We’re revisiting our definitions and timings of quality and how we can build it into the developer platform and make it a direct extension of our strategic focus.
  • And how to anchor such a mindset change in a sea of legacy software processes? What does it take to withstand the habits of thousands of releases that went before?

We have been exploring ways of introducing, maturing and incrementally implement DevSecOps in Arla IT, and would be happy to share our journey so far.



Christina Staun Biangslev

DevOps evangelist, management consultant.paul-freeman

Paul Freeman

Senior manager at Arla