devopsdays Copenhagen - Propose

We will gather practitioners and learners in Copenhagen, for two days of inspiring talks and open sessions.
We expect more than 150 IT professionals to gather.
DevOpsDays is a volunteer-run community event.
We will review CFPs as they come in, but please do not expect a reply before the closing date.

DevOpsDays Copenhagen CFP

At DevOpsDays we look for talks that teaches us and talks that inspire us. We strive to create a program that balances the cultural and technical aspects of DevOps.


We accept talks in the following formats:

  • A regular presentation (~30 minutes)
  • An Ignite talk ( ~5 minutes with auto-advancing slides)

Topics of interest

The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics that we are particularly interested in seeing:

  • DevOps Journeys
  • Scaling DevOps
  • Cloud Native ( especially beyond Kubernetes)
  • Building Culture
  • DevOps in the Enterprise
  • Cloud
  • Serverless
  • Observability
  • Security
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Platform Engineering
  • Developer Productivity Engineering
  • Your incidents and outages

Please do not limit yourself to the above topics. If you have just the right talk for us, send it in!

How to get your proposal accepted

  • Put some effort into the CFP - the proposal also is a form of presenting and shows how you approach conveying information
  • Explain why your talk would be right for the DevOpsDays crowd
  • We will not reject submissions solely based on the fact they come from a vendor, but we will not accept vendor pitches
  • Submit on your behalf
  • While you can submit more than one proposal, please limit yourself. We want to hear the talk you are most passionate about

When you write the CFP, your goal should be to make it easy for the organizers to pick your talk. That means the CFP should at least answer the following questions: * What is the talk about? (you’d be surprised how many forget to make this obvious) * How is the talk overall structured? (This signals you have thought about how to communicate your topic) * Why is this an important and interesting topic * What kind of talk is it (Demo, storytelling, technical concepts, …) * Who are you, and do you have any experience giving talks (Youtube links, always a hit)

We look forward to reading your proposal! Thanks

How to submit a proposal: Go to our CFP at Papercall.