Don't Call It DevOps!


Don’t Call It DevOps. Instead, let’s talk about the guts of DevOps and how we should focus on the principles that make DevOps work.

In the world of software development and delivery, efficient processes are critical for success. Two practices that have gained traction in recent years are Single Piece Flow and Systems Processing. Single Piece Flow is a manufacturing term that refers to the practice of producing one unit at a time, while Systems Processing focuses on optimizing the entire system rather than individual components. In the context of software development and delivery, these processes can have significant benefits! Such as reducing waste and improving quality while improving throughput to your clients. This proposal explores the benefits and challenges of implementing Single Piece Flow and Systems Processing in software development and delivery. From Dr. Ono’s revelation at Toyota in the 1950s to today’s ever-changing advanced ecosystems. We’ll explore how DevOps is not kubernetes, it is not Azure pipelines, or ops but rather the culmination of decades of practice and study on workflow management through single-piece flow and systems processing.



Don Bauer

Don Bauer started his career in 2007 as a metrics analyst and systems engineer with Charter Communications. Since then, he has held roles in development, infrastructure, architecture, and operations ...mike-noe

Mike Noe

Retired Army IT grunt with 20 years of professional IT experience. 12 years of Software Development and Delivery experience. Masters of Science in Information Technology Management. I’m an avid reader, activist, and ally.