The Anatomy of an LLM


Recently, I published a book about Dr. Edwards Deming called Deming’s Journey to Profound Knowledge. You know who Dr. Deming is if you don’t already. Many consider him the progenitor of agile, lean, and DevOps. Let me let you read the book. I was finishing my book as ChatGPT was launching on the tech scene. My book helped me learn how to train and use Large Language Models (LLMs). This presentation provides a detailed overview of the data strategies for training or, more specifically, augmenting an LLM. I will give an overview of the current Generative AI landscape, including vector databases, LLM orchestration, foundational LLMs, and LLM testing and observability. I will be demonstrating actual code examples if the demo gods are forgiving.



John Willis

John Willis has worked in the IT management industry for more than 35 years. Currently, he is running a DevOps and Digital Practices at Botchagalupe Technologies. He was formerly Director of Ecosystem ...