Why and How to hire Junior Engineers


I have advocated everywhere I’ve worked for the last decade to hire more junior and mid level engineers, and I’ve usually been successful in ways that changed senior leaders minds. There’s a million excuses as to why we can’t hire not-senior engineers into DevOps roles, and I’ll demonstrate why they’re all hog wash. The inverse proof is also valid: if you’re hiring senior engineers exclusively and you have a goal to develop those senior engineers careers into staff and principal engineers, or you are a senior engineer and want to develop, you cannot do so unless you have junior and mid level engineers on the team. We’ll talk through a short and sweet way to level engineers (including why “senior engineer” is so easy to get!), what kind of tasks to set junior and mid engineers to, and when to know that an engineer has developed beyond their title.



Karl Katzke

I’ve made a 20 year career out of making the worst personal choices the tech industry has to offer, while still somehow having a positive experience doing the work. I’m a certified dumpster fire ...