Make It Stick: DevOps culture and systems science


How do you make cultural transformations and paradigm shifts—whether it’s a DevOps culture, an SRE mindset, or a platform engineering paradigm—stick in your organization? No matter whether the organization is large or small, the hardest part of any cultural change is making it permanent no matter who joins or leaves the organization. Join me to delve into systems and science to find the best way to help organizations make big changes. We’ll review - How a handful of large and small companies have succeeded or failed at sticking the cultural change landing - Why we can apply the same discoveries from DevOps transformations to building SRE or platform engineering practices - What systems science and equilibrium states have to do with cultural shifts - How to minimize perturbations in the overall organizational system during a cultural shift All in 5 minutes or less!



Laura Santamaria


As a Lead Developer Advocate at Dell Technologies, Laura Santamaria loves to learn and explain how things work to bridge the gaps in engineering disciplines. She was the curator for A Minute on the