Tonya Guadiz

Tonya Guadiz is a seasoned technology and management expert with over 20 years of experience. She has a successful track record of delivering high-quality results across a diverse range of industries by effectively bridging the gap between business and technology. As an accomplished leader, Tonya possesses strong communication and team coordination skills that enable her to lead effectively and inspire high performance.

Tonya joined Improving, a modern digital services company, in 2010. Since then, she has taken on various roles, allowing her to utilize her diverse background to help clients achieve their business objectives through technology solutions. As a Director of Consulting, she oversees consulting team members and ensures excellence in client delivery. Additionally, she plays an integral role in fostering a culture of excellence at Improving and coaching team members to help them grow. Tonya is also a trainer and serves as the Dallas Enterprise Champion for Delivery Excellence, which is an internal education program. As a trainer, she uses her consulting expertise in business and system analysis, software testing, and agile project management to mentor others.

Tonya began her career as a consultant at Accenture and worked on various projects as a developer, systems analyst, software tester, and manager for a diverse range of clients. She later transitioned to the financial industry, where she successfully managed the creation of two QA teams within Countrywide. As the Vice President of Quality Assurance, Tonya implemented practical processes and best practices to improve the overall delivery and quality of the software, resulting in the growth of the mortgage servicing QA team from 3 testers to over 80 professionals across multiple countries. While she enjoyed the challenge of growing new teams, Tonya’s passion lies in the consulting world, which led her to join Improving as the second female technology consultant in Dallas.

In her free time, Tonya enjoys spending time with her loved ones, volunteering with DFW Labrador Rescue, and traveling.