Software Developments: New insights and surprises from DORA research

The craft of software development is something that everyone can continuously improve, and in doing so, deliver more satisfied users, more successful organizations, and happier engineers. While each team has a unique path forward, there are universal themes and beneficial practices that can be observed across organizations. Discovering these is the mission of the DevOps Research and Assessment group. For nearly a decade, DORA has studied how engineering teams work, and what outcomes they achieve. Our exploration of software development and delivery, reliability and security practices, and communication and culture is summarized in an analytical model which connects team capabilities to simple outcome metrics. This talk presents key findings, some unexpected surprises, and actionable recommendations that you can put into practice today, in order to deliver your product faster, more safely, and more contentedly.



Dave Stanke

I’m a DevOps Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. My job is about talking with DevOps practitioners: listening to stories, telling stories, sharing a healthy cry. Prior to Google, I was the CTO of ...