Productivity Despite the Choices of Others

You got the job! You’ve finished your 3-day orientation and IT is almost finished reprovisioning your laptop and fixing the typo in your username. You’re stoked! Your manager seems cool enough and your teammates start showing you around the stack: “So after these two Jenkins builds, this Perl script pushes the artifacts to Mercurial.” Yikes.

We often inherit the choices of others – systems built by people before us, some who are around, and some who have moved on. Nonetheless, this is the system we got. It’s here to stay, intertwined in the mix of habits, humans, and tools that serve our customers. Let’s get to work!



Leigh Capili


Leigh is an empathetic speaker and developer with niches in cloud-native systems and security. He has a background in building software to manage infrastructure.

Leigh authored kubeadm’s etcd mTLS