Get going with Policy-as-Code using Open Policy Agent

As the cloud native landscape evolves, so do the security requirements of the tech stack. New technologies are sprouting up every day, and many make their way into our organizations. How do we know these new technologies are kept up to the same security standards as our old ones? Furthermore, how do we know the old ones are still as secure when we set them up? Do you find yourself wondering how to audit permissions across your entire stack all at once? Now’s the time to get started writing Policy-as-Code, and there’s no better tool than Open Policy Agent.

During this talk, I’ll walk you through a high-level overview of why companies are adopting Policy-as-Code frameworks; then we’ll dive into what makes Open Policy Agent special. We’ll end the talk with some quick command line examples, followed by resources to get you started.



Peter ONeill


Peter ONeill is a community builder focused on Open Source and Developer Relations. He works with both large and small communities. One notable example is the Open Policy Agent community, where Peter