Panel: The Value of Diversity in Tech

Elevator Pitch

Diverse teams are collectively smarter, more productive, more innovative, and overall more successful than their homogenous counterparts. In the U.S., this gender gap shows that only 21% of software experts identifying as women, down from 29% in 2010. How do we continue to advocate for the importance of diversity and inclusion in our teams?


This panel will discuss the various benefits that come with diversity and its importance in product development, customer empathy, and organizational success.



Amy Lindberg


My style is energetic, enthusiastic, and engaging with focused experience implementing strategic marketing plans by translating consumer insights into actionable plans producing breakthrough results.


Barry Closser

Barry Closser is a User Experience Designer and Strategist with 9 years of experience. They have worked for companies large and small across the Midwest. Their passion is around ensuring the right ...bex-streeper

Bex Streeper


Pallavi Dukle

Pallavi has more than 23 years of experience within Technology and spent the early years of her career in the Ag and Transportation industries. Currently, Pallavi serves as Team Leader of Enterprise