Unleashing the Power of Self-Organizing Teams: Balancing Autonomy and Constraints

Elevator Pitch

According to the agile principles, “The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.” But what does that actually mean? Even in small organizations, we’re rarely able to hand-pick our teammates. And no matter who we’re working with, we’re often asked to work within a defined framework that allows for consistency between teams.

This session will start from the beginning to define what it means to be self-organizing. We’ll discuss the benefits of a self-organizing team and discover how teams can take advantage of autonomy, even within the constraints of a larger organization.

Regardless of your role, you’ll walk away with action items that will support you in participating, advocating, and driving the success of self-organizing teams in your specific context.



Kristen Cross

Kristen Cross is a passionate agilist who started her career teaching middle school math and eventually moved to the realm of agile coaching and organizational improvement. With a diverse background