Helping Life Leap Forward - Creating our Agile Operating Model at John Deere

Elevator Pitch

We often hear topics at this conference about individual pieces of adopting Agile or DevOps processes. Or injecting product-centric practices into a team or dept. Or trying to shift an org culture to support more learning and experimentation. But rarely do we hear experience stories that bring it all together into a holistic story, and that aligns it with business outcomes. We want to change that with this talk.


At John Deere, our higher purpose is to help life leap forward. We do this by helping our customers become more productive, more profitable and do the jobs they need to do in an environmentally sustainable way. In this talk, we will share our approach, challenges, and learnings from transforming 500 global teams over the three years - with a hyper focus on adopting Agility & DevOps, shifting from Projects to Products, and evolving our organizational culture. This encompassed adopting new ways of working for teams and leadership across four continents, in the midst of a pandemic and the shift toward remote and hybrid work. We will share how this focused operating model shift has enabled our company to run faster and help revolutionize the agricultural and construction industries as a Smart Industrial.



Matt Ring

Matt Ring is a Sr. Product & Engineering Coach with John Deere’s Agile Operating Model Foundry. Matt has 18 years of experience in the IT industry and 10 years as a coach, working with ...amy-willard

Amy Willard

Amy Willard is an IT Director leading John Deere’s Agile Operating Model transformation. Amy has 20 years of experience working in technology across multiple product segments and technology stacks. ...