Avoiding the AI Abyss: Preserving Engineering Best Practices

Elevator Pitch

As AI-driven programming tools reshape the landscape of software development, the challenge lies in harnessing their power without compromising the tenets of extreme programming (XP) and best practices in software engineering. Join us as we explore development workflows that let you keep your engineering best practices.


With the advent of AI tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot, developers find themselves at the crossroads of an exciting new era and time-tested principles of software engineering. How can we adopt these advanced tools while holding true to the practices set by extreme programming (XP)?

This talk is your guide to charting a new course in the evolving landscape of software development while upholding the principles that have defined our industry for decades. We will delve into the nuances of this challenge, exploring strategies for seamlessly incorporating AI into your XP workflow. From maintaining code quality to assuming simplicity, learn how to navigate the balance between embracing innovation and preserving traditional software engineering best practices.



Matt Vincent

Matt founded the Iowa headquartered IT consultancy Source Allies. Matt enjoys working with Source Allies building innovative software products with our forward-looking customers based both in Iowa and across the United States.