Stuck In the Middle - Leadership Beyond the Product Team

Elevator Pitch

Virtually every organization of size is amid a Digital Transformation effort. Most are focused on technology.

The shift to product is not an I.T. initiative - it’s an undertaking that impacts collaboration patterns across the entire Enterprise.

Emboldening leaders that have historically been referred to as the frozen middle has become a problem that plagues many of these efforts.


Pete will provide a practical case study that demonstrates how to help leaders from across the Enterprise to embrace the product mindset and to embrace their role as change agents - regardless of their level and domain.

Whether you’re a leader or a coach seeking to expand your toolkit beyond Agile & Product mechanics, this is the workshop for you.

You’ll leave with practical tools, suggested delivery cadence, and lessons learned to go and tackle one of the most pervasive issues we face in the business agility space.



Pete Anderson

Experienced Product Discovery Coach and Leader with a demonstrated history of helping teams define their products, customers, outcomes, and hypotheses. Pete has 25+ years of technology solution