Mastering Application Testing: Scaling and Continuous UI Testing with Playwright

In the world of cloud-based software development, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) has become the norm, but what about automated testing? Embracing automated testing is crucial for achieving technical resilience in modern applications. Join us in this engaging and interactive session as we introduce you to the world of web UI testing using Playwright and explore its significance in continuous testing for application functionality. We will dive into Playwright, a powerful tool that effortlessly automates web tasks, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a web automation wizard.

Discover how Playwright can ensure the quality and reliability of your cloud applications through testing at scale. With Playwright, you can join the DevOps revolution and unlock the potential to supercharge your web testing efforts. Learn how to seamlessly integrate Playwright into your CI/CD pipeline and harness its capabilities to perform continuous UI testing that ensures your application’s functionality remains robust and reliable.



Randy Pagels

As a DevOps Architect, I lead customers in designing and delivering solutions that adhere to industry standards and DevOps best practices. I focus on GitHub, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code automation, ...