Mark Peters

Dr. Mark Peters works for BrainGu as a Director, Engineering Ops managing Day 2 success. He has worked on 4 different DoD programs transitioning to DevOps. During his previous US Air Force career, he integrated intelligence processes with operational delivery. A cybersecurity expert, he holds multiple industry certifications including a CISSP. As a Strategic Security Doctor specializing in economic espionage, he authored, “Cashing in on Cyberpower” analyzing a decade of cyber-attacks. He is also a PhD IT candidate with Capella University. In his spare time, he reads, thinks, writes, and then speaks. A DevOps Institute ambassador and USA chapter chair, he enjoys working with individuals on their unique DevSecOps implementations. A full-up DevOps junkie, he remains passionate about incorporating new technology into DevOps across multiple industries.

Mark Peters at Detroit 2023