devopsdays Detroit


A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education, College for Creative Studies
460 W Baltimore St, Detroit, MI 48202
Devopsdays is coming to Detroit!

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DevOpsDays Detroit takes place in the heart of Detroit, a city where engineering plays a critical role in the community and its surrounding areas. This event not only celebrates the fundamental principles of DevOps but also serves as a testament to the supportive environment for innovation that Detroit provides. With a strong emphasis on bridging system administration and development, this event recognizes the exceptional talent pool of skilled engineers that Michigan and Detroit possess. Together, we form a community of makers united by a shared vision of excellence, change, and the determination to transform a city.

At DevOpsDays Detroit 2023, attendees can expect a diverse range of presentations covering various topics, ensuring there is something for everyone. This conference goes beyond the mere discussion of tools; it serves as a platform to explore the profound cultural impact that DevOps brings to organizations. By listening to the positive and influential messages from our peers, we can better integrate this transformative way of thinking.

Join us at DevOpsDays Detroit 2023 for a unique annual event that showcases the collective innovation and creativity of our vibrant community. The conference will attract individuals at all stages of their careers, including university students, local startups, and industry leaders. Your participation not only contributes to the ongoing evolution of DevOps principles but also demonstrates support for the indomitable spirit of Detroit.

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Wednesday, Oct 18, 2023 - Thursday, Oct 19, 2023
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