DevSecOps – The synergy between security education and security champions

With the constant cyber-attacks and data breaches lurking around the corner, it is sometimes forgotten that it did not get (enough) security attention while writing software. There are great initiatives going on with hackers, such as “Bug bounty programs” and penetration tests. However, this is all after the fact. If the software had been written more securely from the beginning, we would have had less trouble managing it at a later stage. Because of the enormous skill shortage, it is currently very challenging for organizations to scale and sustain security expertise within an organization. Different educational platforms are being purchased but then not used (efficiently) at all. Join this talk to hear how a comprehensive hands-on security education program can help tackle this problem.

The aim of the presentations is to give individuals and leaders insights into how to build a successful security education program that scales across the DevOps process within an organization. If you are operating at a large scale, then different processes and technologies need to be used to make it successful. Join me in this presentation to get our experience and insights from collaborating with different organizations on how to make security education a success within your company. I will outline several tips and tricks and give key takeaways to start implementing them directly in your organization.



Dominik de Smit

Dominik de Smit is a software security consultant focusing on helping organizations secure their software development lifecycle. With a background in software engineering, management & cyber ...