The Planet as Our Stakeholder - Finding ways to a green future

In the past year I have been on a journey of raising climate awareness in the IT and Agile community. In this talk I will share my learnings and invite you to join me in pursuing a green future.

The planetary challenges that we face are of a magnitude and complexity that can easily make us feel overwhelmed. Taking a step back and envisioning a hopeful future will help us to find new ways and actionable steps forward.

We will have a look at IT (and our own work) through the generational lens, to discover how the generational perspective can reshape the way we look at our daily work and help us find strategies for making IT sustainable.



Marjolein Pilon

Marjolein Pilon is an enthusiastic, full-of-ideas and energizing Scrum Master, currently serving 2 teams at Alliander. She is also passionate about Planet Earth (our most important stakeholder!) and ...