How to Increase Developer Productivity and Happiness

You’re having that sinking feeling again; you have worked super hard all week long, and the end of the sprint is approaching but none of your stories are anywhere close to being merged. You feel like you have got nothing meaningful done. Where did your time go? Meetings, Slack, urgent requests… context switch, context switch, context switch…..

The pressure to deliver isn’t going away. The way out of this problem used to be to hire more people. But the time of free money is long gone. You can think twice about getting any headcount requests approved this year. So how are you going to solve this productivity mess? The only way to solve this is to work more effectively as a team. But how?

This talk will provide an overview of the emerging field of developer productivity. By the end of it, you will understand:

  • Why does developer productivity matter
  • The link between developer productivity and Happiness
  • There are lots of wrong ways to do developer productivity
  • There is no single metric to rule them all
  • A real-life case study from TomTom
  • A team success story
  • Available tooling
  • How to start using these tools in your team/org to drive incremental solutions
  • Some things you can start doing today (without any cost)

Silvia Longo and Jeremy Hartley pioneered these techniques together at TomTom, where they were responsible for Developer Productivity in an organization that has around 2000 developers.

Join them to acquire practical insights and proven methodology to elevate productivity to new heights. Accept the challenge to leverage their framework in your organization!



Silvia Longo

I am a Product Manager within Developer Experience department. I have been working at TomTom for the last 5 years. I have a broad focus which includes measuring and improving developer productivity, ...jeremy-hartley

Jeremy Hartley