An Introduction to Zero Knowledge Proofs (AULA)

Unlock the future with us as we dive into the exciting world of Zero Knowledge Proofs! We are in no means professionals in the area however we are eager to share our knowledge and insights with a wider audience.

With its vast potential for use cases across various industries, we believe that Zero Knowledge Proofs will have a significant impact on society, from human and ecological benefits to financial and technological advancements.

Take the telecommunications industry for example, where Zero Knowledge Proofs can be utilized to optimize the placement of cell towers and reduce radio frequency interference. Join us in exploring the endless possibilities of this revolutionary technology.



Keerthana Ganesh

Keerthana Ganesh is a Security Solutions Architect with a background in Cyber Security and Cloud Engineering ever since she graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Computer Science ...shubam-patil

Shubham Patil

Shubham is an application developer at Natwest, one of Britain’s biggest retail banks. He helps create user experiences that allow customers from all segments to manage their money on the go in ...