Quantifying your reliance on Open Source software

I’ve always been interested in the composition of Open Source and internal dependencies that my projects use, and after years of wanting some way to query the data, I went ahead and built it!

Having access to this data has allowed me and my team to get a view of what our most popular languages or frameworks are, which packages we didn’t realise we so heavily rely on, determine how many dependencies are using end-of-life software, or just understand the way that internally-built libraries are used across the organisation. This data has given my company’s developers, leadership and the security team a better view of the landscape of our ever growing dependencies on Open Source, so we can appropriately upgrade, migrate, and support projects.



Jamie Tanna

Jamie Tanna (he/him) is a Senior Software Engineer, passionate advocate for Open Source, and avid blogger about tech and life. Jamie’s spent the last few years working on improving the usage of ...