How winning the AWS GameDay World Championship made us better Devops Engineers

When D55, a small consultancy based in Manchester UK, entered the AWS GameDay World Championship in 2022, our main goal was to gain some more experience within the AWS ecosystem, and engage more with the extended Cloud Development community. However, after acing our first heat in truly dramatic style, focus shifted to having a real impact on the final. This culminated in a genuinely thrilling ending, neck and neck with our closest competitors before ultimately taking the crown. In this talk we will give you insight into our approach before and during the event – how we prepared, planned and optimised our knowledge, and how we successfully utilised the skill set of each member of the team. We’ll share a few secrets about how we became the first ever GameDay World Champions, how we are getting ready to try again this year, and how we use that winning mentality in our approach to Cloud Development and Devops every day.



John Hatton

Tech Lead and Mental Health First Aider who specialises in Serverless and cloud-native. I have been a developer for 10 years and worked on many high throughput applications focusing on using best ...

Rich House

After moving from a successful career in Live Music to Software Devlopment insuring the pandemic, Rich has made a big impact in a small period of time, being part of the 2022 AWS GameDay World ...