DevOps over time

It started with DevOps (or well it didn’t, it started with Doom level select and mail merge, but I digress). It started with DevOps and Automation. Then DevSecOps. Then SRE and Production Engineering and Platform Engineering and more. Things change over time and there is always a new thing on the horizon. This ignite talk is a walk through just one person’s career for the last… some years and looks at what we’ve been talking about, building, worrying about, and finishing in that time; with hopefully some upcoming trends for the future (DevRel? What’s this all about then!)



Kat Samperi


Kat has been coding since she was 8 years old, and hated repeatedly typing the same thing, over and over, so that she could play specific levels of Doom.

Since then, Kat has achieved a PhD in AI and