GreenOps in the cloud

Global carbon emissions generated from the tech sector are larger than the aviation industry and data centres alone are responsible for around 1% of greenhouse gases and global electricity usage (sources: UN Environment Programme and International Energy Agency). As tech leaders we have a responsibility in the way we architect and build on the cloud and GreenOps is a methodology that helps us design cloud architectures while considering their ecological impact.

In this talk I’ll present cloud architecture strategies and practical tips to reduce and mitigate our carbon footprint in the cloud. I’ll focus on AWS (the cloud market leader) but many strategies can also be applied to other cloud vendors. In particular, I’ll provide tips on greener architectural designs, use of cloud regions leveraging renewable energy, tools for measuring carbon emissions, etc. I’ll also cover green washing and how we can hold cloud vendors accountable for their carbon emissions.



Sandro Cirulli

Sandro Cirulli is a senior consultant at The Scale Factory, a cloud infrastructure consultancy based in the UK. In his day job Sandro helps SaaS businesses leveraging the cloud but he’s also ...