Want to build a feedback culture? First focus on observability

Learning is a core capability of any successful DevOps team. It comprises the skills and behaviours that support continuous improvement, of which feedback is an essential part. Looking beyond the delivery pipeline to the team as a social system, we know feedback is important there too, yet few of us will claim to do it well. Why is that? Surely it’s not that we’re all terrible communicators!

In this 5 minute ignite talk, I’m going to explain why I think we’re getting feedback wrong, and I’ll make a case for applying the core principles of observability to individuals and teams to support their learning and growth. The talk will give you a different way of thinking about feedback and how to use it within your reflective practice, as well as signposting you to a plethora of tooling that is already out there for growing observable social systems.



Sorrel Harriet

Sorrel is a learning specialist with 15+ years experience supporting learning in the education and technology sectors. She currently operates as a solo consultant, offering ‘Learning as a Service’ - a ...