SRE Lessons from Flight Operations and Other Safety-Critical Industries

Our industry talks a great deal about human error, with the idea that we can automate away human mistakes. However, we are generally missing a fundamental and technical model of how we as humans operate, and what can be done to minimize errors and maximize good outcomes. As much as “human error” sometimes gets us into problems, the human factor is the only thing that gets us out.

Fortunately, as an industry, we do not have to figure this out all by ourselves. Medicine, rail operators, and most importantly, airlines have been on the forefront of research and training in this field.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The history of Crew Resource Management - Specific case-based examples on how database teams suffer the same problems that flight crews, fire crews, and medical teams face

What crew resource management training teaches? How to Implement Crew Resource Management in your teams or company? How Crew Resource Management training delivers benefits?

A number of quick wins to improve incident response and communication The speaker offers no commercial services in this field but has been involved in implementing crew resource management programs in database teams.



Christopher Travers

Chris Travers has over twenty years of experience working with PostgreSQL as an application developer, database administrator and engineer, and IT manager. He has worked with (and overseen teams which