The path to operational maturity: How to become a change agent and break down dev/ops silos

The bottom line is this: customers pay for uptime, companies pay for downtime. While the emergence of cloud computing and microservices have advanced the pace at which we can deliver innovation and value, they’ve also added a great deal of complexity. Tool and knowledge sprawl is hindering visibility, context, and actionability, exacerbating the silos between dev and ops. In this talk, Operations Leader Ryan Taylor (ex-Hulu, VP of Customer Success & Solutions Engineering at Transposit) discusses the stages of operational maturity, strategies to move from reactive to self-healing, and real-world advice on how to become a change agent at your org to drive operational excellence.

In this talk, Ryan Taylor will share:

The stages of operational maturity

Strategies to move from reactive to self-healing

Real-world advice on how to implement tools, processes, and organizational structures to drive operational excellence

How to take small, meaningful steps to help your organization move towards operational maturity

Ryan Taylor shares from his own experience to provide best practices and guidance on driving operaitonal maturity. Seeing a massive opportunity to mature operations at Hulu, Ryan Taylor formed a team to create a platform that would revolutionize how they operated. Ryan believes that it takes both technological and cultural shifts to move from reactive to self-healing. To make this shift, teams must understand how to automate processes, enhance cross-team collaboration, ensure continuous feedback loops, and balance engineering skill set with self-service.

In many organizations, this requires a change agent – someone willing to take the first step. Even when these changes are not being mandated from the top, there is plenty that people can do to make change from the bottom. Having been the change agent himself and seeing massive results, Ryan will share how to start or continue the journey towards operational maturity and how to take each step incrementally and collaboratively.

In this talk, Taylor will share his first-hand experience in working across teams to create shared goals, adopt new technologies, and create a culture of improvement.



Ryan Taylor

I have over 15 years of experience leading Technical Operations teams with some of the most respected companies in streaming media, finance, and security technology. In 2021, I joined Transposit as ...