Lessons learn hiring as a teamwork


Many words come to our minds when we talk about hiring in IT. However, the way we define the Talent Acquisition in this sector depends on many dimensions: the context in which the company is based, the hiring methodology, the market situation at that time, or the culture of the organization.

In this talk, we want to tell you about the synergies we built between the Engineering and Talent Acquisition departments to share our experiences of working at Nexthink, a hyper-growth startup, and talk about the lessons learned from all the challenges we faced at the team level together with specific aspects such as COVID, hybrid work model, team distribution across locations, among others to achieve an agile, transparent and effective hiring process.



Marcos Fermín Lobo

Marcos is a Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead with an open-source and cloud-native mindset. After working as Software Engineer and DevOps at CERN, delivering some of the components of OpenStack ...