How to be an Ethical Engineering Leader

We live in a hustle culture, in which we’re constantly on the go, in search of higher profits and greater glory. Bigger. Better. Faster. We often find ourselves working long hours and cutting corners to get products out to market. After a while, this gets exhausting and draining. Why is it frowned upon when we try to live our best tech life in an ethical manner?

In this talk, Adriana will provide a list of guidelines (based on personal examples) for executives and individual contributors alike so that they can help make the technology sector better:

  1. Don’t build the final solution as an extension of the POC
  2. Don’t be afraid to reset
  3. Don’t commoditize your engineers
  4. Embrace the paradigm shift
  5. Take ownership of your code
  6. Create a safe space
  7. Be kind
  8. Invest in system stability

Engineering leaders need to be reminded that there are humans behind the code and infrastructure that runs our world, and that eventually, questionable decisions will come back to haunt us. Leading with empathy is key to making this a better and brighter tech world, and we can start by making ethics a first-class citizen in our organizations.



Adriana Villela

Adriana Villela is a Sr. Developer Advocate at Lightstep, in Toronto, Canada, with over 20 years of experience in technology. She focuses on helping companies achieve reliability greatness by ...