Towards a Sustainable Cloud-Native Platform: A Paradigm Shift for Environmental Responsibility

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud-native platforms, sustainability has emerged as a critical consideration. As organizations strive for more efficient and environmentally conscious computing practices, discover the secrets to a sustainable cloud-native platform through OS/Node, Cluster, and System Optimization. Harness power-efficient profiles, intelligent CPU management, and frequency control to reduce consumption while optimizing energy efficiency. Take control of resource utilization with smart workload placement, dynamic scaling, and advanced AI/ML prediction capabilities. Reduce network footprint and scale clusters based on real-time resource demands.

This talk will discuss how all the above can be achieved with existing technologies part of CNCF, and the current gap observed in the Kubernetes ecosystem. We will also details some real life scenario where this is applied.

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Alexis de Talhouët

As a Telco Solutions Architect at Red Hat, Alexis strives to increase cloud-native network function adoption by defining and promoting best/common practices through to Open Source Networking ...