Measuring and improving platform maturity & operational readiness

It’s critical for engineering teams to build a culture of continuous improvement, where an expectation of reliability is baked in from the beginning. To do this, it’s important to first assess the current state by measuring development maturity, operational readiness, & operational maturity. Once you have an understanding of where your services fall, you can define paths to improvement to focus on first. By re-assessing every few months and setting new targets, you can create a culture of ownership & reliability.

During this talk, I’ll go over what development maturity, operational readiness, and operational maturity are as well as the key similarities and differences between them. I’ll highlight the importance of measuring them to assess the health of existing platforms and give examples of how to measure each one. I’ll bring it all together with tactics for creating team-wide initiatives that’ll help create a culture of change.



Cristina Buenahora Bustamante

Cristina is a Founding Engineer at Cortex, an internal developer portal that enables engineering teams to drive adoption of developer best practices, funded by IVP, Sequoia Capital, and YCombinator. ...