Embracing DevOps: Challenging the 'If It Works, Don't Touch It' Culture

In this talk, we will explore the detrimental effects of the prevailing developer culture of “if it works, don’t touch it” and delve into the principles and benefits of DevOps as an alternative approach. We will discuss how this mindset can hinder collaboration, impede innovation, and lead to technical debt and security vulnerabilities. By highlighting real-world examples and success stories, we will demonstrate how embracing a DevOps culture can foster continuous improvement, efficient collaboration, and faster delivery of high-quality software. Attendees will gain insights and practical strategies to bridge the gap between developers and operations, foster a culture of experimentation and learning, and drive positive change within their organizations. Join us on this journey towards embracing change and transforming the way we approach software development and operations.



Elizabeth Adegbaju

Elizabeth Adegbaju is a DevOps Engineer at kreuzwerker, with a passion for helping organizations build scalable and resilient cloud infrastructures. Elizabeth has developed a deep understanding of AWS ...