Platform Engineering: Delivering Infrastructure as a Product with Terraform

Digital transformation is in full swing, and the need to deliver infrastructure in an efficient and standardized manner has never been greater. In this talk, we’ll explore where Platform Engineering and Infrastructure as Code intersect, using Terraform to turn infrastructure into a product. We’ll discuss the importance of Terraform modules in standardizing and improving acceptance of the products we deliver to developers. We’ll highlight how building modules allows you to create an infrastructure product catalog, using apps like Backstage or Gaia, to facilitate the discovery and consumption of these modules by developers. Additionally, we’ll look at use cases and best practices for implementing this strategy in your environment.



Jeferson Fernando

From humble beginnings in Brazil, Jeferson has reshaped his life via open-source, significantly impacting his family. With 20 years of OSS experience, he advocates for open-source, knowledge-sharing, ...