Faster, Better, Stronger with Ephemeral Environments

Ephemeral environments provide robust, on-demand platforms for running tests, previewing features, and collaborating asynchronously across teams. Ephemeral (preview/feature) environments have been around for a while. The problem is you need extensive DevOps expertise to create, manage and run them. However, with tools to manage these environments for you, your team can focus on the product instead of building internal tooling.

Integrating ephemeral environments into your workflow opens up a new world of async collaboration. Including reviewing new features, testing in parallel, reducing context switching and saving your developers time. In this talk, Marisa will outline ephemeral environments, why you should be using them, how they can save your team time, money, and stress; and demo how easy it is to integrate one of these tools into your pipeline.



Marisa Smith

Marisa had an exciting path that led her to Developer Advocacy. With a background in theoretical and computational physical chemistry, she’s run experiments at particle accelerators worldwide. ...