Actionable Alerts: Improving Incident Response with Smarter Monitoring

In this fast-paced, 5-minute lightning talk, we’ll provide a concise overview of the importance of actionable alerts in improving incident response and system stability. We’ll touch on the challenges of alert fatigue and highlight the need for alerts that offer clear, relevant, and timely information to drive efficient decision-making.

Essential points covered will include:

  • Briefly address the alert noise problem and its impact on engineering teams.
  • Identifying the critical characteristics of actionable alerts that lead to a quicker resolution.
  • A quick look at the role of automation and monitoring tools in enhancing incident response.

Join us for this informative and succinct session as we demonstrate how more intelligent monitoring and actionable alerts can help your team respond to incidents more effectively and ensure the reliability of your systems in a matter of minutes.



Jocelyn Harper

Jocelyn Harper is currently a Staff Software Engineer and Tech Lead at The New York Times where she is leading a platform team focused on accuracy and technical excellence.