9 Things You Should Do When Starting to Use SLOs

As a Customer Reliability Engineer I’ve witnessed many organizations encounter stumbling blocks while attempting to implement SLOs. This talk will discuss 9 of the common issues that are encountered while attempting to implement SLOs and how to get the most value out of the SLOs you create.

  • Measure meaningful things
  • Raw data for Latency SLOs
  • Success rates > Error rates
  • Examine historical performance
  • Define and take actions
  • Different time windows for different folks
  • Enrich your dashboards with context
  • Document your SLOs
  • Adopt open standards



Sal Furino

Sal Furino is a Customer Reliability Engineer. During his career he’s worked as a TPM, SRE, Developer, Sys Admin, and IT support. While not working he enjoys cooking, gaming, traveling, skiing, ...