Avoiding Community Collapse when Passing the Torch

We as a global group have reached the point where some folks who have maintained their communities are getting tired. They’re ready to pass it on to the next people. The Austin community has experienced this change in this past year as our three core organizers (and about half of the rest) have stepped down and away, while our local meetups have also experienced changes in leadership. The most common problem with community leadership changes is struggling to maintain a community. Let’s talk about (1) the common dangers and pitfalls we encountered during one failed leadership change in Austin, (2) the successful tactics that kept other communities in Austin afloat [including DevOpsDays Austin], and (3) the best ways to help the community embrace changes.



Laura Santamaria

Laura Santamaria, a lead developer advocate at Dell Technologies, is one of the new core organizers for DevOpsDays Austin; was one of the organizers for the virtual DevOpsDays Texas during the ...