devopsdays Global Organizer Summit - Speaker Information

Thank you for being a part of our event! This document is our attempt to get as much useful information into one place as possible.

Event Details and Schedule

Venue Location

Convene (in the Willis Tower)

233 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606

Directions from ORD or from MDW; parking recommendations


The event takes place on Tuesday, August 8, 2023. The detailed schedule for the day can be found at

All participants are invited to join for an evening reception/party Tuesday, August 8. This will take place at Franklin Tap at 6:30 PM.


You’ll be able to check in starting at 8am on Tuesday, at the summit location.


We can learn so much from each other! We hope to see you participate in all sessions, ask questions, suggest open spaces, during the Organizers Summit, as well as during Devopsdays Chicago.

Travel and Lodging

You should have already sorted your travel and lodging, but if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].


Recommendations for parking can be found at SpotHero. If you pay for parking, please provide the receipts to [email protected] and we will reimburse you!


There is no conference template to use; rejoice! People will probably want your slides after the fact, hosting them in a way that you can easily share them is useful.

We will have a presentation computer to run your talk from, and we will provide a presentation remote for you to advance your slides. If you’d like to make use of this opportunity, send your slides to [email protected] before August 4, EOD.

The presentation computer will have Keynote, Powerpoint, PDF, or a web browser as options for presentation software - and will be thoroughly tech-checked. But you’re welcome to use your own device as well.

You will have two confidence monitors in your line of sight. One will mirror the display being shown to the audience and the other will show any speaker notes if you have them.

The displays will be large and widescreen. Build your deck for 16x9 (if you use 4x3, it won’t look as good).

There will be conference wifi but we strongly recommend not having any dependence on working internet for your presentation (as it’s unpredictable).

If you need anything not mentioned above (like audio from your laptop, presenting from multiple laptops, etc), do let us know ahead of time; we can likely accommodate whatever you need, but we’ll need to test any such setup ahead of time.

Please also remember to disable your screensaver and desktop notifications during your presentation. Make sure your laptop is unlocked PRIOR to hooking up to video display, so everyone doesn’t watch you type in your password.


Talks will be recorded and made available on the conference website within a reasonable time after the event.

Contact Information

If you have general questions about the event, please feel free to email [email protected] at any time!