TestOps? well, Never mind

Agile encourages iterative, small-scale development, which underpins the entire “Shift-left” testing technique. Test engineers must fully utilize test automation to achieve shift left. TestOps continues to be a bottleneck for most organizations’ modern agile teams. Who should be in charge of putting up the test script build pipeline? Is the DevOps engineer in charge of it or the test engineer?

Development and deployment are managed by a group of dedicated professional DevOps engineers in enterprise organizations. However, when it comes to task distribution and resource availability in Small and medium enterprises or start-ups the challenge is real. Being part of IT for last 16 years and working across different geographies (Bangalore, London, and The Netherlands). I can say it’s the same song with different tunes.

In this talk, a) I will address this bottleneck of TestOps at large, b) Discuss on DevOps and Test engineers responsibility share c) Provide personal experience tips and tricks to engage and resolve the challenge more effectively on how the test code can also be made part of the build pipeline



Sowmya Sridharamurthy

Sowmya Sridharamurthy is a seasoned product quality leader currently working as Engineering Manager- quality at Lytho. With 16 years of experience handling products right from inception to delivery, ...