Making Great Waves: 8 Software Testing Convictions

As software professionals, we can sometimes find inspiration in unexpected places, including the art world. In fact, testing, itself, is art as much as it is engineering. Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock prints are well renowned for their supple beauty, intimate scenes, and vibrant colors. Prints like The Great Wave Off Kanagawa are cherished for their remarkable quality. Ukiyo-e masters like Hokusai and Hiroshige perfected their craft to produce masterpieces that are still cherished centuries later. We can take cues from these prolific artists in how we approach quality in our own work. In this talk, we will cover eight auspicious ideas inspired by ukiyo-e printing that can advance excellence in the craft of software testing. These convictions include, among others: focusing on the value that consumers seek, picking the right tests based on risks, and optimizing development processes without sacrificing quality. Come learn how to develop a great testing strategy using all eight points. You will gain a blueprint for testing success that will help you create your own masterpieces, as well as a deep appreciation for the meaning of true quality.



Andrew Knight

Andrew Knight, also known as “Pandy,” is the Automation Panda. He’s a software quality champion who loves to help people build better quality software. In the past, he’s built large-scale test ...