Event Driven CI/CD Pipelines

In this presentation I go over how we created our current event driven pipeline. It covers why we decided to go event driven, were we started, where we are now, and where we are headed. I talk about how we are leveraging several technologies like Kafka, Go, Kubernetes to create a fully automated asynchronous supply chain for delivering rpms, deb, and oci images to customers. I also cover how not having time to build a new greenfield pipeline drove our technical decisions. I cover our audit system, receipts, and gating system that lets the robots ship the software by readiness. The lessons learned covers the triumphs and pitfalls of event driven asynchronous CI/CD pipelines. Attendees will learn about ways to gate releases by readiness, drive automated testing, make their pipelines asynchronous, and use machine learning to make the pipeline leaner and more reliable.



Brett Smith

Software Architect/Engineer/Developer with 20+ years of experience. Specialties: Automation, Continuous Integration/Delivery/Testing/Deployment Expertise: Linux, packaging, and tool design.