Why Release Orchestration is the Gateway to Modern Software Delivery

Is automation driving efficiency, but leaving your teams and pipelines in the dark? We often hear this when speaking with enterprises and it comes as a result of individual development teams being empowered to select their own tools. At first, this isn’t an issue, but overtime it leads to enhanced complexity, resulting in intelligence gaps, which ultimately makes it hard to improve software delivery effectiveness and connect to business outcomes. The question becomes how to optimize your existing processes, while still enabling developer choice in the tools they use, to create a win-win for all involved?

The answer is release orchestration, which sequences these automated tasks into end-to-end process chains to connect different tools, pipelines and environments to provide a holistic view of the software delivery process while improving stakeholder communications.

During this session, CloudBees will provide a quick overview of how we view release orchestration as a mechanism to make these trade-offs easier to cope with while ensuring all teams across the DevOps SDLC are optimized moving forward.



Drew Piland


Drew joined CloudBees in 2022 as an Senior Product Marketing Manager where he focuses on Deployment Automation, Release Orchestration, Analytics, and Value Stream Management. Drew is a continuous