Large Scale, Small Footprint: Reducing Energy Consumption Programmatically with Cluster API

According to the CNCF’s Working Group for Environmental Sustainability, data centers currently utilize 2% of the world’s energy, with that number projected to grow to 12% by 2040.

As a resource-aware substrate for containerized workloads, Kubernetes is well-suited for building more sustainable cloud infrastructure. This talk will explore how Cluster API can be used to programmatically provision Kubernetes clusters for reduced environmental impact—including a proof-of-concept application for assessing emissions impact and provisioning clusters accordingly, using Cluster API and data from Cloud Carbon Footprint.



Eric Gregory

Eric Gregory is a senior technical writer at Mirantis. He is the author of Learn Kubernetes 5 Minutes at a Time and a former computer science instructor who writes on Kubernetes, containers, open source, and more.