How Not to Talk to Your Developers

Herding cats. Rockstars and badasses. Hackathons and pulling all-nighters.

Today, being a developer is as commonplace as anything else. They’re from all different backgrounds and living a variety of lifestyles, many of which include a personal life that is as demanding or more demanding than work.

From parenting young children to caring for our aging parents, we need to adjust our tone, approach to hiring, and story of what it looks like to be a developer today. They are not cats, Eddie Vedder, or young enough to miss a good night’s rest.

In this talk, learn what you need to stop saying in job descriptions, interviews, reviews, chats, and emails to your developers. In doing so, you’ll uncover a world of connection, trust, and happiness that will make you a person and place they’ll want to work for and stay with.



Jen Wike Huger

Jen is a veteran of tech marketing, spending 10 years at Red Hat shepherding the editorial and community functions. Since then, she’s jumped into start-up-land and is currently the Head of Marketing at AppMap.